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A 12-part series of one-minute, self-produced monologues, all inspired by something I overheard in New York.  

"And that's how Andrew ended his Shakespeare recitation."

"He told me that story of the guy who saw his reflection in the water."

"Nobody asked me if I wanted to have a three-way phone conversation."

"It's only a first draft. It's not like I think I'm Hemingway or anything."

"Mike, I find your confidence doubtful."

"I want to start reading Hegel now that I have finished with Heidegger."

"I said something like, I think I'm falling in love with you."

"People always told me I had 'get up and go'."

"Atomic bomb vomit everywhere! All over the room!"

"I am a three-letter word."

"I almost quit again today. I can't stand it!"

"You remind me of my Mom."

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